Candid Showcase on AAITF SHOW 2019

Candid Showcase auf der AAITF SHOW 2019

23. Oktober 2020

Aussteller: Guangzhou Taigu Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. AAITF Ausstellung 2019

Candid nahm an der Shenzhen AAITF Show 2019 mit einer Reihe neuer Produkte teil
From 2019 Feb. 21st to Feb. 23rd, the Asia’s largest intelligent tour, automotive modification and automotive service eco-expo was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center! Candid showcases a variety of smart in-vehicle products, such as AI HD cameras, BSD blind spot detection systems, 3D HD around view monitoring systems (AVM system), 1080P/720P digital HD wireless in-vehicle surveillance system, ADAS advanced in-vehicle assistance systems, and so on. During the exhibition, Candid’s products with both compact appearance and high performance attract a lot of both domestic and foreign customers’ eyeballs. The booth was crowded and overwhelming. At the same time, through on-site demonstration and explanation of the functions of these products by multi-angle and all-around displaying, Candid showed the strong competency on projects R&D, innovation and manufacturing, and stamp an impressive vision to a lot of customers for PDI, PPO in the vehicle industry, such as consumer electronics, commercial vehicles, passenger cars, public transportation & service. And a lot of these customers came to our booth and consult more info from us.
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