ADAS launched

Einführung von ADAS

23. Oktober 2020

Candid launched an advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) in March, 2020, carrying the design idea of converting “the attempt to utmost push the driver to avoid distraction when driving” to “seeking to utmost improve the concentration of drivers”, the product has been developed to SOP stage, providing a reliable solution for overseas Tier1 customers on combination of automotive intelligent internet link technology and ADAS technology.
At the same time, Candid has also scheduled the development of the basic solution on combination of camera image sensor and microwave radar sensor.

This innovative system consists of 1 image processing control unit, 2 radar sensors, 3 around view cameras, 1 IR camera and 1 rear view camera.
The image processing control unit can carry out the functions of running video image algorithm, image viewing angle changing, multi-picture integrated merging technology, and image synthesis, and so on. The image processing control unit also provides combined 2D/3D images, monitors the driving status through the images the IR camera outputs, improves the blind spot detection capability through combination of the radar sensor’s data, and acquires the vehicle’s relative info through the CAN BUS/Hard wire.
This innovative system delivers AHD signals, including info of cutting FOV and trajectory composition, then displays the images on the DVD monitor through output video signal by the image processing control unit.
We believe this up-to-date innovative system will bring a lot of benefits to the drivers on preventing traffic accidents happening thus safe more lives supposed to lost in those traffic accidents.
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